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CLUC English Certificate

The CLUC (Catalan Universities Language Certificate) is the collective name for the different language certificates issued by the language services of the Catalan universities. These certificates comply with specific criteria in accordance with the directives passed by the CIC (Catalan Interuniversity Council). CLUC certificates must comply with the requirements established by ACLES (Association of Language Centres in Higher Education) in Spain in order to be incorporated into the lists of certificates recognised by ACLES and the CRUE (Association of Spanish Universities) or be exams designed jointly by different Catalan universities. The lists of recognised certificates can be accessed here web d’ACLES.

CLUC exams assess and certify knowledge of English, French, German and Italian according to Common European Framework of Reference for Language (CEFR) levels. These interuniversity certificates can be used to accredit a level in these languages on Catalan university degree programmes, to recognise credits (according to the corresponding regulations in each university) and to apply for study placements abroad, grants and other forms of financial assistance. They are also valid for accrediting a level when looking for a job or applying for promotion in the workplace.

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