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1. What is the CIFALC (Catalan Interuniversity Commission for Language Training and Certification)?

The Catalan Interuniversity Commission for Language Training and Certification (CIFALC), formed by the language services of the Catalan universities, is the body in charge of coordinating language training and accreditation in accordance with the agreements signed by the rectors of the Catalan universities.

2. What is the CLUC?

The CLUC (Catalan Universities Language Certificate) is the quality seal which guarantees the recognition of different language certificates issued by the language services of the Catalan universities in accordance with the directives passed by the CIC (Catalan Interuniversity Council).

3. What can a CLUC language certificate be used for?

These certificates can be used to accredit a language level on Catalan university degree programmes, to recognise credits (in accordance with the corresponding regulations in each university) and to apply for study placements abroad, grants and other forms of financial assistance. They are also valid for accrediting a level when looking for a job or applying for promotion in the workplace.

4. Who can take the CLUC B2 examination?

Students, university administration and service staff (PAS) and university teaching and research staff (PDI) from any Catalan university who need to reliably accredit a B2 level in the four linguistic skills. The examination is also open to members of the general public over the age of 18.

5. When can the examination be taken?

Each university establishes an annual schedule of examination sessions.

6. Can candidates with disabilities take the CLUC B2?

On registration, candidates with special needs must present a medical certificate and specify the nature and degree of the disability, as well as any specific requirements they may have. The examination will be adapted as far as possible to the needs of the candidates.

7. When is the certificate issued?

Each university establishes its own schedule for the issuing of certificates. Whilst the certificate is being issued, each language service can issue a document indicating that the exam has been taken and the level obtained.

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