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Catalan Interuniversity Commission for Language Training and Certification (CIFALC) awards certificates in Catalan through its 12 member Catalan university language services.

CIFALC certificates accredit five levels of Catalan language skills: Bàsic (A2), Elemental (B1), Intermedi (B2), Suficiència (C1), Suficiència per al personal docent i investigador (C1) and Superior (C2) in line with the university-adapted Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

CIFALC Catalan Certificates

Official CIFALC certificatesEquivalent CEFR levelEquivalent DGPL level
BàsicA2Bàsic (A2)
ElementalB1Elemental (B1)
IntermediB2Intermedi (B2)
Suficiència i Suficiència per al personal docent i investigador (PDI)C1Suficiència (C1)
SuperiorC2Superior (C2)

The CIFALC certificate system has been officially approved by the Catalan government’s Language Policy Department (DGPL) and is regulated by the decree published in the Official Catalan Government Gazette (DOGC 5610, 19 April 2010).

Target audience

Any member of the university community – whether students, faculty, administrative and service staff, or members of the general public – who has taken a Catalan language course corresponding to CIFALC’s levels at one of the member universities can sit its exams.

CIFALC exams

The exams assess the four language skills to determine whether learners’ have adequate knowledge of Catalan for social and academic use: speaking (S), writing (W), listening (L) and reading (R).

Those interested can consult information on the exams’ structuring, marking and assessment or view sample papers. CIFALC exams for each of the officially recognised levels are split into two parts: one written and one oral.

Exam structure and description

This section describes the exams’ structuring, the areas, and the pass marks for each section and overall. It includes the aims, the skills that have to be demonstrated in each area, the total time allotted for each exam, and the type of exercises involved.

Sample exam

A sample exam for each of the levels can be consulted – both for written and oral parts – to get an idea of the content and the marking scheme.

Exam assessment

This document gives a brief summary of the assessment criteria and marking of the exams. Marking criteria are given for the elements that make up each exercise and area, and guidelines are given for the amount of time to be spent on each exercise.

Exam content (in Catalan)

Bàsic (A2)

Elemental (B1)

Intermedi (B2)

Suficiència (C1)

New examn (February 2017)

Suficiència per al PDI (C1)

Superior (C2)

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